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Post by Grand_Master » Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:23 pm

Greetings fellow visitors! I am Grand_Master, the current owner and founder of this forum. Growing up, I had always believed there's much more to this world we reside in and begun to embark on a journey for truth, knowledge, and to increase my awareness of reality. During this time I simply lurked in various conspiracy communities, but to my dismay, there were forces at work tainting the information being showed, obnoxious trolls and shills, and a serious apathy to the deterioration of maintaining a well-concrete environment for discussions. After some time, I begun to disassociate myself from these "communities" and decided to form my own community. Here at DeepEther Productions, I want to ensure that top quality content is being posted on here on a daily basis, strict and reasonable guidelines, great members, visitor friendly, and most importantly a place where all sorts of ideas and like-minded discussions can flourish uninterruptedly. This is big desire of mines and I hope this is yours as well visitors. Let's make this desire of ours come to fruition!

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