In the next few days, we shall see the start of a war unlike any other ...

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In the next few days, we shall see the start of a war unlike any other ...

Post by PrimeOfTruth » Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:39 am

The US establishment against the rest of the world

by Thierry M.

The US ruling class feels threatened by the international changes prompted by President Trump. It has just united in order to force him under the guardianship of Congress. In a law which was voted almost unanimously, it has re-introduced sanctions against North Korea, Iran and Russia, and has unravelled the investments of the European Union and those of China. For them, it is essential to block the President’s policy of cooperation and development, and to return to the Wolfowitz doctrine of confrontation and suzerainety.


It is a scandal without precedent. The White House Secretary General, Reince Priebus, was part of the plot designed to destabilise President Trump and prepare for his destitution. He was the source of daily leaks which trouble the political life of the United States, in particular those concerning the alleged collusion between Trump’s team and the Kremlin [1]. By dismissing him, President Trump has entered into conflict with the establishment of the Republican party, of which Priebus is the ex-President.

Let’s note as we go that none of these leaks concerning the agendas and the contacts between those concerned have provided the slightest proof of the allegations made.

The reorganisation of the Trump team which followed was exclusively to the detriment of Republican personalities and to the benefit of the military personnel who are opposed to the guardianship of the deep state. The alliance which was concluded – making the best of a difficult situation - by the Republican party with Donald Trump during the inaugural convention on 21 July 2016, is now worthless. We therefore find ourselves faced with the equation with which we started – one one side, the outsider President of « the People’s America », and on the other, all of the Washington ruling class supported by the deep state (meaning that part of the administration charged with the continuity of the state over and above political alternances).

It is apparent that this coalition is supported by the United Kingdom and Israël.

So what had to happen happened – the Democrat and Republican leaders came to an agreement to thwart President Trump’s foreign policy and preserve their imperial advantages.

To do so, they adopted, in Congress, a 70-page law which officially set up sanctions against North Korea, Iran and Russia [2]. The text unilaterally promulgates that all other states in the world must respect these commercial restrictions. The sanctions therefore apply equally to the European Union and to China as to the states officially targeted.

Only five parlementarians dissociated themselves from this coalition and voted against the law - representatives Justin Amash, Tom Massie and Jimmy Duncan, and senators Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders.

The dispositions of this law more or less forbid the Executive to ease these commercial interdictions by any means whatsoever. Theoretically, therefore, Donald Trump is tied hands and feet. Of course, he can use his veto, but according to the Constitution, it would be enough for Congress to revote the text in the same terms in order to be able to impose it on the President. He will therefore sign it, thus avoiding the insult of being called to order by Congress. In the next few days, we shall see the start of a war unlike any other.

The political parties of the United States have every intention of destroying the « Trump doctrine », according to which the United States must evolve faster than other states in order to conserve world leadership. On the contrary, they intend to re-establish the « Wolfowitz doctrine » of 1992, according to which Washington must conserve its advance over the rest of the world by hindering the development of all potential competitors [3].

Paul Wolfowitz is a Trotskyist who worked for Republican President Bush the Elder to help with the war against Russia. He became Assistant Secretary of Defense ten years later, under Bush Junior, and then President of the World Bank. Last year, he gave his support to Democrat Hillary Clinton. In 1992, he wrote that the most dangerous competitor of the United States was the European Union, and that Washington should destroy it politically, even economically.

The law casts doubt on everything that Donald Trump has accomplished over the last six months, notably the fight against the Muslim Brotherhood and their jihadist organisations, the preparation of the independence of Donbass (Malorossiya), and the re-opening of the Silk Road.

As a first reprisal, Russia asked Washington to reduce the staff of its embassy in Moscow to the level of its own embassy in Washington, in other words, 455 people, expelling 755 diplomats. In this way, Moscow intends to remind us that even if it had interfered in US politics, their interference has no comparison to the importance of US interference in Russia’s own political life.

While we are on this subject, it was only on 27 February that the Minister for Defence, Sergeï Choïgou, announced to the Douma that the Russian armies now have the capability to organise « colour revolutions », 28 years behind the United States.

The Europeans now realise with stupefaction that their friends in Washington (the Democrats Obama and Clinton, the Republicans McCain and McConnell) have just put a full stop to any hope of growth within the Union. This is certainly a nasty shock, and yet they still have not felt able to admit that the allegedly « unpredictable » Donald Trump is in reality their best ally. Completely stunned by the vote, which rained on their summer holidays, the Europeans have opted for the « on hold » position.

Unless they react immediately, the companies who have invested in the European Union’s solution for their energy supply are now ruined. Wintershall, E.ON Ruhrgas, N. V. Nederlandse Gasunie, and Engie (ex-GDF Suez) had all committed to the doubling of the gas pipeline North Stream, which is now forbidden by Congress. They not only forfeit the right to respond to US calls for tender, but they also lose all their assets in the United States. They are refused entry to international banks and are forbidden to pursue their activities outside the Union.

For the moment, only the German government has expressed its confusion. We do not know whether they will be able to convince their European partners and rouse the Union against its US suzerain. Such a crisis has never arisen before, and as a result, there exists no element of reference which could enable us to anticipate what is to come. It is probable that certain of the member states of the Union will defend US interests - those who think according to Congress, against their European partners.

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Re: In the next few days, we shall see the start of a war unlike any other ...

Post by Grand_Master » Sat Aug 05, 2017 1:06 pm

Yup, the signs point to such event happening soon. Get ready.

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Re: In the next few days, we shall see the start of a war unlike any other ...

Post by vorporal777 » Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:50 pm

The endgame will happen soon...

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