THIS is what's really going on in Puerto Rico.

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THIS is what's really going on in Puerto Rico.

Post by PrimeOfTruth » Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:14 pm

• Death toll: 16

• Gasoline stations open: 714 of 1,100

• Amount of fuel on the island: 600,000 barrels of diesel and 722,000 barrels of gasoline. Converted to gallons, that's 25.2 million gallons of diesel, 30.3 million gallons of gas but getting the fuel to where it's needed most is a problem because of debris and washed-out roads. Electricity to operate gas pumps also is an issue.

• Electric customers with power: 5%

• Supermarkets open: 224 of 456

• Pharmacies open: 337

• Municipalities visited and provided with emergency supplies: 78 (all of them)

• Staging areas across the island for food, water and other supplies: 11

• Shelters open: 150

• Hospitals open: 51 of 69

• Hospitals connected to the electric grid: 9

• Functioning cell towers: 14%
• Open ports: 75%
• Roads: 50% of major roadways cleared
• U.S. response team: 12,600 people on the island ... 720731001/

The biggest issue right now is getting drinking water where it needs to go and the trucker union in Puerto Rico went on strike because they wanted triple wages from FEMA.

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