WTF? Columnist Says Parents Should Buy Their Kids Sex Toys

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WTF? Columnist Says Parents Should Buy Their Kids Sex Toys

Post by PrimeOfTruth » Mon Jan 01, 2018 1:51 pm

Looks like some have moved beyond debates about sex education in public schools and are instead advocating something new — such as buying children sex toys.

Ellen Scott, the Lifestyle editor for the United Kingdom’s, wrote in an op-ed Saturday that parents should consider purchasing masturbation tools for their children. In fact, she argues, it’s a parent’s “responsibility to make sure your children’s entirely normal exploration of their sexuality is safe, healthy, enjoyable, and in their own hands.”

But, don’t worry parents, Scott isn’t “talking about getting your son a Fisher Price version of a sex doll or presenting your daughter with an eight inch strap-on on her eighth birthday,” instead she merely wants parents to introduce a “starting point” to their children as an introduction to “the concept of self pleasure.”

Some examples given by Scott include a “masturbation sleeve, or a little vibrating bullet.”

What age? “Whenever your child starts expressing an interest in sex,” she wrote. ... -sex-toys/

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