China Prepares for Breakthrough Chang'e 4 Moon Landing in 2018

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China Prepares for Breakthrough Chang'e 4 Moon Landing in 2018

Post by CosmicSentry » Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:13 pm

China plans a mission to the far side of the moon.

Many decades after NASA pulled back from its ambitious missions to explore the moon the Chinese are picking up the baton and striving to establish their reputation as a powerful space exploration nation. Now the Chinese have announced that their new mission to the Earth’s main natural satellite will go further than any space agency has ever gone ever before.

The Chinese have been pursuing the title as the world’s leader of lunar exploration missions for quite some time in a series of missions known as the Chang’e projects which are named after the Chinese goddess of the Moon. The fourth in this series of missions will involve landing on the far side of the moon and attempting to gain information about the mysterious landscape.

No space agency in the world has ever attempted to make a landing on the dark side of the moon before. “The Chinese are pushing back the frontier with such a technically challenging mission, ” said Brian Harvey, space analyst and author of China in Space: The Great Leap Forward. ... 018-318217

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